MtbClade: Identification of Mtb Clades by Signature SNP

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You may select up to 5 files in the following formats:

- complete genome sequences in Genbank format (*.gb; *.gbk)

- read alignments in consensus sequences in FASTA (*.fasta; *.fas; *.fna; *.fst; *.fa)

- sequences of predicted genes or proteins in FASTA (*.fnn and *.faa, respectively)

- uncompressed variant call format files (*.vcf)

Alternatively you may select a .zip or .gz compressed NGS read file(s) ( < 5 GB ) in fastq format (*; *.fastq.gz):

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A Single reads file OR

Paired end reads: Forward (*1.fastq.*) and Reverse (*2.fastq.*)

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